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Modernization of Ayurveda:

Tech integration: AI for personalized diagnosis, treatment, and remote care.

Data driven decisions: Precise care, powered by data.

Clinical research: Outcome-based research  and real-world Ayurveda  

Education on Ayurveda:

Knowledge hub: Access the  largest collection for Evidence-based resources for Ayurveda – meticulously curated for authenticity and accuracy.

Empowering professionals: Deepen your  knowledge, stay ahead of research, & discover evidence-based practices.

Get inspired: Fuel your wellness journey with expert tips, self-care guides, & actionable insights.

Global Prakriti Project:

Decoding  your unique “Prakriti” (Ayurvedic constitution) to make informed choices about health and wellness 

Predictive modelling  for  faster, better and more sustainable health outcomes 

Prakriti-based proactive and preventive  healthcare system  tailored to individual needs.

Outcome-based research:

Data-driven insights: Quantifying the efficacy of Ayurvedic treatments for various health conditions.

Evidence-based practice: Bridging the gap between traditional wisdom and modern scientific validation and rediscover solutions for insomnia, stress and pain management

Collaboration: Partnering with leading research institutions to advance the scientific understanding of Ayurveda.

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